IT Asset Disposition & Purchasing
Frequently Asked Questions

What is IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)?

ITAD is a process to safely and responsibly dispose of obsolete or unwanted IT equipment, ensuring data security and environmental compliance.

How does your data destruction process ensure security?

We use industry-standard methods such as data wiping, degaussing, and physical destruction to guarantee complete data security.

Can you handle the logistics of large-scale IT equipment disposal?

Yes, we manage all logistics, from on-site packing and pick-up to transportation, ensuring a seamless disposal process.

What happens to IT assets that are no longer usable?

Non-usable assets are responsibly recycled to comply with environmental standards, avoiding landfills.

How do you determine the resale value of IT assets?

Resale values are assessed based on market demand, condition, and age of the IT assets.

Do you provide certificates or reports for asset disposition?

We purchase a wide range of IT assets, including laptops, desktops, servers, networking equipment, and more.

Do you provide certificates or reports for asset disposition?

Yes, we provide detailed reports and certificates of destruction for compliance and record-keeping purposes.

What measures do you take to ensure environmental compliance in disposal?

We adhere to strict environmental policies, including zero-landfill disposal and recycling of all decommissioned IT equipment.

How long does the IT asset disposition process take?

The timeline can vary based on the scope of the project, but we aim for efficient and prompt processing.

Can you help with lease return management for IT equipment?

Yes, we offer comprehensive services to manage the return of leased IT equipment, ensuring terms of lease agreements are met.

Electronics Recycling
Frequently Asked Questions

What types of electronics do you recycle?

We recycle a wide range of electronic devices including desktop PCs, laptops, servers, cell phones, printers, and network equipment. Click the link here to view our list of acceptable items to recycle

What happens to the electronics once they are brought to your facility?

Electronics are assessed, dismantled, and processed to recover valuable materials and safely dispose of hazardous components.

Do you offer collection services for electronics recycling?

Yes, we provide collection services directly from your location to facilitate a hassle-free recycling experience.

What is your environmental policy regarding electronics recycling?

We adhere to a strict zero-landfill policy, ensuring that none of the recycled materials end up in landfills, either domestically or abroad.

Are you certified for electronics recycling?

Yes, our facility meets the highest industry standards and holds certifications ensuring responsible recycling practices.

Can businesses arrange for regular electronics recycling pickups?

Yes, we offer scheduled pickup services for businesses to manage their electronic waste effectively.

What do you do with the recovered materials from electronics?

Recovered materials are sent to smelters, refineries, and other facilities to be reintroduced into the manufacturing cycle.

How can I start recycling my old electronics with you?

Contact us through our website or call us to arrange for recycling services or to get more information on the process.

Is there a cost associated with electronics recycling?

Depending on the services required and the volume of electronics, there may be a fee. Please contact us for a detailed quote.

Data Destruction/Shredding
Frequently Asked Questions 

What types of data destruction services do you offer?

We provide both physical and logical data destruction, including on-site and off-site shredding, data wiping, and degaussing.

How do you ensure the security of the data destruction process?

Our services are fully auditable with GPS-tracked mobile shredding units and detailed destruction reports for each service.

What is the difference between on-site and off-site data destruction?

On-site destruction is performed at your location for immediate verification, while off-site is handled at our secure facilities.

Can I witness the data destruction process?

Yes, we offer witnessable shredding services with our mobile shred unit to ensure transparency and security.

Are your data destruction methods compliant with regulations?

Yes, we adhere to NIST, DoD, HIPAA, PCI, and other regulatory standards to ensure compliance and security.

What happens to the devices after data destruction?

Devices are either recycled or prepared for resale depending on their condition and your preference.

Do you provide certificates of data destruction?

Yes, we issue certificates of destruction/recycling which include details of the destroyed assets.

What standards do you follow for data wiping?

We perform data wiping to DoD 5220.22-M and NIST 800-88r1 standards, ensuring thorough data erasure.

How can businesses benefit from your data destruction services?

Businesses can secure sensitive information, comply with regulations, and potentially redeploy systems after data wiping.

Is there a minimum amount of media required for your data destruction services?

No minimum requirement; we handle projects of all sizes, from individual devices to large-scale disposals.

Municipality Recycling
Programs Frequently Asked Questions

What types of electronics can be recycled through the municipality programs?

We recycle a variety of electronic items, including consumer electronics and office equipment.

How can a local government or school system start a recycling program with your company?

Contact us to discuss setting up a program tailored to your community’s needs.

Are there any costs associated with municipality recycling programs?

Costs can vary based on program specifics; please reach out for a detailed quote.

Can you organize electronic waste collection events for communities?

Yes, we regularly sponsor and manage collection events for electronics recycling.

What happens to the collected electronics?

Collected items are processed and recycled in compliance with state and federal regulations to recover materials and prevent landfill disposal.

Do you provide containers for electronics collection?

Yes, we provide containers that can be placed at specified locations for community use.

How does the program ensure compliance with environmental regulations?

All recycling practices meet or exceed government standards, ensuring responsible handling of all materials.

What certifications does your facility hold for electronics recycling?

We are certified under R2v3, ISO:14001, ISO:45001, and ISO:9001 standards.

Who can participate in these recycling programs?

Our programs are available to state and local governments, schools, and various organizations.

How are data security and privacy handled during the recycling process?

We ensure data destruction and security in accordance with legal requirements.

Strategic Data Center Decommissioning
Frequently Asked Questions

What is strategic data center decommissioning?

It’s a comprehensive service that ensures secure, environmentally responsible shutdown of data center operations, including asset disposition and site restoration.

What services are included in data center decommissioning?

Services range from full asset inventory and relocation to data wiping, recycling, and property restoration.

How do you handle sensitive data during decommissioning?

We use secure data destruction techniques to ensure all sensitive data is permanently erased.

Can you assist with data center buildouts after decommissioning?

Yes, we offer full buildout services including design engineering, installation of cabinets, racks, and comprehensive infrastructure setups.

What environmental standards do you comply with during decommissioning?

We adhere to strict environmental guidelines to minimize impacts and ensure responsible recycling.

Do you provide documentation for decommissioning processes?

Yes, detailed reports and certificates are provided for all activities, ensuring compliance and transparency.

How do you ensure minimal disruption during decommissioning?

Our processes are designed to prevent any disruption to your ongoing operations.

What happens to the decommissioned assets?

Assets can be recycled, repurposed, or resold depending on their condition and your preferences.

Is strategic decommissioning available nationwide?

Yes, we offer our services throughout the entire country.

Who can benefit from strategic data center decommissioning?

Any business or organization looking to safely and efficiently close or upgrade their data centers.