Electronics Recycling

Monmouth Wire and Computer Recycling is licensed by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection as a “Class D” facility to demanufacture and process electronics. Electronics are processed at the facility and different components and metals are separated based on their metal composition and value. Components and metals are sent downstream to smelters, refineries, and specialized facilities in order to return the raw materials back to the marketplace. All material is tracked from the moment it enters our facility to the end-of-life. A vigorous due-diligence process is completed on every downstream vendor and our facility’s security protocols protect your sensitive information and brand which allows for a secure, zero environmental liability recycling solution.

Recycle and Recover

Monmouth Wire and Computer Recycling, Inc. is committed to a zero-landfill policy in that all materials processed will not end up in a landfill, either domestic or abroad. As part of our EHS policy, third-party certifications, and objectives, throwing any electronic equipment or by-products of recycling into a landfill goes against our company’s commitment towards environmental responsibility and resource conservation. Monmouth Wire and Computer Recycling, Inc., through its recycling processes, does not contribute to any landfills, nor do we engage with vendors who do not share this same commitment.

Certified Excellence

Our operations meet the highest industry standards, ensuring your electronics are recycled responsibly.

Zero Landfill Policy

We guarantee that none of your e-waste ends up in landfills, supporting a cleaner, healthier environment.

Data Security

Secure data destruction processes protect your privacy every step of the way.

Our Process

  • Collection: We gather your electronic waste directly from your location, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • Assessment: Each item is meticulously assessed to determine the most responsible recycling path.
  • Processing: Electronics are carefully dismantled, with valuable materials recovered and hazardous components safely disposed of.
  • Recovery: Recovered materials are prepared for their next life, reducing the need for new raw resources.

Desktops PCs, Computers

Servers/Server Racks


Cell Phones

Routers, Network Switches

Inkjet & Laser Printers

Phone Systems

Inkjet & Laser Printers

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