Services Offered

  • End-Of-Life Destruction — Monmouth Recycling is committed to improving the environment and protecting communities throughout North America. Our company keeps millions of pounds of electronic waste (e-waste) from entering our nation’s landfills each year through recycling and material recovery.
  • Asset Management — Our asset recovery services compliment our recycling capabilities. Equipment received for asset recovery flows through a process of bar code tracking, inventory, testing, and remarketing. This can include component level and/or complete systems. Products that are not re-marketable are reintroduced into our recycling system.
  • Secure Data-Destruction — State-of-the-art alarm systems, keycard access, high-resolution surveillance cameras, and full-time security protect your materials inside the facility. Monmouth shreds and wipes in compliance with DOD 5220.22-M and NIST SP 800-88 standards.
  • IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) — Complete ITAD services including asset retirement, data destruction, tracking, and management. By managing your asset retirement program, Monmouth Wire & Computer Recycling, Inc. streamlines the entire process and eliminates the need to manage multiple vendors.
  • Collection Events — If you are an individual, business, or institution interested in sponsoring and organizing an electronics collection event, we will be happy to work with you every step of the way. By contacting Monmouth Wire and Computer Recycling, Inc. as soon as possible, an event can be planned and in place within a matter of months at any location your organization desires.
  • Nationwide Logistics Available
  • Data Center De-Installation and Decommissioning