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  • It is very important to use a fully licensed, third-party certified recycling company when recycling your old electronics. Click the link to see what happens to your old computer when you use unlicensed and unaccredited “recyclers” or “scrap yards” that collect your e-waste and ship it off to undeveloped countries. - CNN MAY 2013 Report
  • Please Recycle Your Electronics with an accredited and authorized recycler or they can end up exported and/or land-fillied. Please refer to to the CBS 60 Minutes Special Report: Following The Trail Of Toxic E-Waste - CBS News 60 Minutes Special Report
  • Monmouth Wire & Computer Recycling, Inc. featured in the Star Ledger: E-waste legislation a boon for recycling facilities that keep TVs, computers out of landfills — Star Ledger Article January 2012
  • Monmouth County Recycling Homepage
  • NJ Electronic Waste Recycling Act 2011
  • Instances of people attempting to make a quick dollar by fencing stolen metal to scrap yards have skyrocketed, according to area police chiefs. Please be aware! - Scrap Metal Bill Clears Committee in NJ Assembly