About Us

   Scale: We’re one of the largest computer recycling centers in the Northeast, are R2:2013, ISO:14001 ,and OSHAS:18001 Certified, and registered with the NJDEP #CDG13002 and EPA #NJR000071613.

   Credibility: We Service Fortune 500 companies throughout the U.S.

   Convenience: We’ll provide tractor-trailer pickup anywhere in the country.

   Protection: We hold all appropriate licenses and destroy information sensitive devices.

   Ethics: We operate in compliance with all federal and state environmental disposal regulations as well as R2 and ISO:14001 practices.

   Documentation: We provided a Certificate of Destruction and asset tracking upon request.


Monmouth Wire and Computer Recycling, Inc. is committed to a zero-landfill policy in that all materials processed will not end up in a landfill, either domestic or abroad. As part of our EHS policy, third-party certifications, and objectives, throwing any electronic equipment or by-products of recycling into a landfill goes against our company’s commitment towards environmental responsibility and resource conservation. Monmouth Wire and Computer Recycling, Inc., through its recycling processes, does not contribute to any landfills, nor do we engage with vendors who do not share this same commitment.